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Yield calculator

This is a yield calculator; you can change either of the fields click "Calculate Yield %" and the percentage maths will follow on refresh. Start by inputting property value and then the monthly rental

Yield calculator

When you’re thinking about investing in a Buy to Let property it’s important that you calculate the rental “yield” so that you can compare the annual return against other types of investment such as Savings Accounts.

I find that many of my clients who have owned houses in past tend to understand and believe in the UK property market works and view it as a good long-term investment. A typical Investor would be one who is dissatisfied with the interest rates being offered on savings accounts by Banks or indeed someone looking to invest a lump sum from a Pension or Inheritance.

The Buy to Let mortgage market has been in existence since the mid-1990’s and has remained popular post credit-crunch with many new Lenders entering the market giving me more mortgage options to present to my client.